Employment Opportunities

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Considering consulting with CCLB?
This is what you need to know!


At CCLB, projects focus on the CLB, Portfolio Based Language Assessment (PBLA), Évaluation Linguistique Basée sur le Portfolio (ELBP), assessment tools and training, e-learning materials, etc. To read more about our current and past projects, please visit our online newsletters.

Yes. Please note that consultancies are not Full-Time positions with CCLB. You can choose to work on projects at times that suit your schedules as long as your work is completed on time and in accordance with your Letter of Agreement.

Follow us on LinkedIn and subscribe for our updates on our website to be the first one to learn about our job opportunities. When jobs are posted, we encourage all qualified applicants to apply, but only those selected will be contacted for an interview.

Interesting projects, Canada-wide resources and connections, contribute to the field of ESL/FSL, supportive CCLB staff, professional growth and networking, credibility in the field, well-paid.

If the project does not require the physical presence/involvement of you, the work is usually done remotely. We have many consultants across Canada. If you live in Canada and your set of skills and experience meet the job description, we strongly encourage you to apply.

Schedules are different for every project. Project managers and consultants will speak about timelines and expected delivery dates prior to creating a Letter of Agreement. Within the arranged work period, it is up to you how you manage your time. CCLB is flexible with consultants’ work hours if the work is completed in the agreed upon timeframe, according to the Letter of Agreement.

Yes, so long as the projects’ work periods do not interfere with each other and deliverables for all projects can be delivered with quality and on time.