PBLA training

Introduction to Portfolio-Based Language Assessment (PBLA) for Classroom Instructors is a 5-week, online course for instructors who have not received previous PBLA training. The course will help to strengthen and consolidate your understanding of task-based assessment using the Canadian Language Benchmarks in preparation for PBLA implementation.

The course includes short readings or viewings, discussions, activities and assignments related to the topics below:

  • Assessment Principles and Best Practices
  • Task-based Planning
  • CLB-based Assessment: Assessing the Productive Skills
  • Assessing the Receptive Skills
  • Implementing PBLA: Next Steps 


PBLA training is currently only accessible to individuals working with and referred by a government-funded program. To register for any of the PBLA training, LINC/ESL Program Administrators should contact PBLA@language.ca – CCLB does not accept self-registration of classroom instructors/teachers at this time.

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