ELT Research Project – What’s Already Out There?

ELT Research Project – What’s Already Out There?

The ELT research project, conducted in 2004, uncovered significant gaps in the delivery of language training for newcomers with advanced language skills.  These gaps differ from province to province, and from large urban to smaller centre delivery.  Notable was the lack of resources and supports for language training programs to do the work they have identified as key to immigrant success.  These research findings support the need for the ELT Initiative.

The following sections of this report describe the project findings:

  • CCLB ELT Research Project Methodology describes the approach to the project work, including the parameters for data collection, the manner in which the data was collected, and the project timeline.
  • What’s the need?  Labour Market Profiles offers a current view of the provincial and territorial labour market conditions.
  • What’s out there?  Programs and Services describes programs and services discovered through the project.
  • How are programs delivered? Program Design and Evaluation reports on how programs and services are organized, delivered and evaluated.
  • Which CLB resources are used?  CCLB Tools & Resources describes CLB-aligned tools available and used in the programs and services contacted during this research.
  • What seems to be working?  Identified Challenges and Solutions describes challenges and successes reported by programs and services surveyed as well as successful solutions.
  • What’s Missing?  Gaps Analysis offers provincial perspectives on gaps and a summary of gaps across the country.

The ELT Research Report – What’s Already Out There? and its associated appendices can be downloaded below:

Download (PDF, 944KB)