PDF-E-024 | LFS Framework incorporating ASL


(ISBN: 978-1-897100-87-5)

The Language for Success framework supports language, workforce, and workplace training design and instruction. It draws on the Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) to provide insight into the language needed to demonstrate the nine Skills for Success (SFS).

It can be used by instructors and program designers to:

  • Identify skills that second language speakers need for successful workforce integration
  • Design programs and curricula
  • Develop targeted instructional content
  • Choose relevant learning resources for language classes
  • Understand how typical workplace tasks relate to CLB levels

Recognizing the importance of supporting the Deaf community, CCLB has made significant efforts to incorporate ASL into the Language for Success framework. “Receptive” and “Expressive” are the terms used in the Canadian Language Benchmarks for the Deaf (CLBD). CCLB understands that other terms such as “interpretive” and “presentational” may be used elsewhere.

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