Canadian Language Benchmarks Literacy Placement Test online training


The Centre for Canadian Language Benchmarks has developed a new Literacy Placement Test through funding from IRCC. This new test is to replace the “Literacy Placement Tool volumes 1 and 2”. Here are some key aspects of the new test:

  • The new LPT is only accessible to CLBPT or CLBA certified assessors
  • All LPT Tests & Forms are in digital format on our testing site; there are no physical copies/books
  • Self-directed training for this test is also found on our testing site


How to access the training:

Assessment site administrators/managers can email to request access to the training and related administration files for their assessors. CCLB staff will provide each assessor with more information from that point on. Once logged in, the assessor will have access to the training, the LPT Tests & Forms as well as a few exemplars. The training is estimated to take around one hour.


Costs: [Each CLB-LPT user needs his or her own account on our testing site]

Fees related to this training as well as the face-to-face administration of this test are included in the New Assessor Account fee when the assessor is first trained on using CLBPT.


Our current contribution agreement doesn’t have funds for our assessors to register for an account; how do we proceed?

Please make note of the number of assessors at your site who will require LPT training and connect with your IRCC project officer in order to discuss your Contribution Agreement to cover the associated training costs. Once your Contribution Agreement can support the costs related to the LPT training/files, follow the steps outlined in the “How to access the training” section above.


Why does each assessor need his or her own account on CCLB’s testing site?

This is to confirm that each assessor completes the self-directed training and receives their personalized certificate. It is also a means for CCLB to keep statistical information on hand for funders if requested.


When will my assessors need to be trained on the revised Literacy Placement Test?

All sites will need to have their assessors trained to use the revised tests by the end of the 2019-20 fiscal year. This will ensure the old versions of the tools are not operational beyond this timeframe.


My assessors are already trained on the previous CLB Literacy Placement TOOL, do they need to be trained on the new CLB Literacy Placement TEST?

Yes, all assessors need to be trained as the new CLB-LPT protocols and format of the test are different from the previous tool version. The new CLB-LPT reflects the CLB: ESL for ALL benchmark levels and no longer place students using the stages from the old literacy document.


If we have bilingual assessors, can they have access to both the CLB-LPT and the BTC-AMA under the same account?

Yes. Bilingual assessors are able to have access to both tests under the same account upon request at no extra fee.


What are we supposed to do with the old LPT volume 1 and 2 books?

Once all assessors have been trained on the revised Literacy Placement Test at a site, only this version will be used for assessment purposes. Sites will be responsible for shredding the current LPT volume 1 and 2 books.


Why can we not keep using the old CLB-LPT volumes 1 and 2?

The old CLB-LPT volumes 1 and 2 are based on the CLB 2000: ESL for Literacy Learners framework which is outdated, does not follow the National Placement Guidelines and does not assess beyond CLB 2L. The new test now supports assessment centres with a better aligned assessment to the 2014 document CLB: ESL for Adult Literacy Learners (ALL), follows the National Placement Guidelines and allows the ability to assess clients up to 4L.

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