Canadian Language Benchmarks Literacy Placement Test online training

The Centre for Canadian Language Benchmarks has developed a new Literacy Placement Test through funding The 2018 CLB-LPT is an assessment that measures the reading and writing abilities of literacy learners in reference to levels described in the Canadian Language Benchmarks: ESL for Adult Literacy Learners (ALL) document. The results obtained with this tool provide information about the learner’s literacy skills in English.

  • The new LPT is only accessible to CLBPT or CLBA certified assessors
  • All LPT Tests & Forms are in digital format on our testing site; there are no physical copies/books
  • Self-directed training for this test is also found on our testing site

How to access the training: Assessment site administrators/managers can email to request access to the training and related administration files for their assessors. CCLB staff will provide each assessor with more information from that point on. Once logged in, the assessor will have access to the training, the CLB-LPT Tests & Forms as well as a few exemplars (as well as the remote option for the CLB-LPT if needed or desired). The training is estimated to take around 90 minutes to complete (training on the remote option is around one hour).

Costs: [Each CLB-LPT user needs his or her own account on our testing site] Fees related to this training as well as the face-to-face administration of this test are included in the Assessor Account fee on our testing platform (

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