RFP: Not-For-Profit Strategy Consulting Services

Request for Proposal: Not-For-Profit Strategy Consulting Services

1 Introduction

The Centre for Canadian Language Benchmarks (CCLB)/Centre des niveaux de compétence linguistique canadiens (CNCLC), an Ottawa-based, national, non-profit organization is seeking a consultant to lead the Board and employees as they work together to update CCLB’s strategic plan.

Since 1998, CCLB/CNCLC has been the centre of expertise in support of the Canadian Language Benchmarks and Niveaux de compétence linguistique canadiens, the national standards for describing, measuring, and recognizing the second-language proficiency of immigrants and prospective immigrants for living and working in Canada.

2. Scope of Services

CCLB/NCLC is engaging in a strategic plan. As part of this exercise we will be reviewing our vision, mission, and brand. As such, we will be conducting stakeholder consultations within the community and also with our Board and staff.

CCLB/CNCLC is seeking a consultant to conduct three (3) working sessions in English, over a three-week period, with our Board and staff to help us refine our vision and mission, brand, and identify a broad brand strategy. The sessions will be conducted remotely. The consultant is free to use electronic surveys and other tools in advance of the sessions to gather additional information from Board and staff. The CCLB/CNCLC would like a final report with recommendations for vision, mission, and branding based on the consultations with Board and staff. This information will be used by the Board, in conjunction with input collected from community stakeholder groups, to make a final decision about our refined vision, mission, and brand.

3. Timelines

We anticipate selecting a consultant by October 15 and the work can commence anytime thereafter. The following three days have been reserved by Board and staff for the working sessions, however exact times to be confirmed.

  • Session 1: Monday, Nov 16
  • Session 2: Monday, Nov 23
  • Session 3: Monday, Nov 30
4. Deliverable

A final report, on or before December 18, 2020, which includes the following:

  • summary of the activities and outcomes of each of the three sessions;
  • additional data collected by surveys or interviews if applicable, and;
  • a recommendation for a vision, a mission statement, brand, and broad brand strategy;
  • a rationale for the proposed recommendations.
5. RFP Requirements

Proposals should include the following:

✓ Contact name and information of the proposed project lead (telephone number, email address, organization address)
✓ Understanding and Objectives of the assignment
✓ Brief and general description of expertise related to the project scope
✓ Description of the proposed approach and methodology
✓ Timeline for the project outlining key milestones
✓ Assumptions
✓ Cost (The project has a budget limit of $5,000 (plus HST)
✓ Curriculum Vitae including three references for similar work (Appendix)

Any questions may be submitted by email until noon (12pm) EST on Sept. 30. Please address all questions to Colette Pépin, the Executive Director at cpepin@language.ca using the subject line RFP Questions.

6. Proposal submission

Proposals should be submitted to Executive Director, Colette Pépin, at cpepin@language.ca by noon (12pm) EST on Oct. 1, 2020.

7. Evaluation Criteria

Proposals will be evaluated by CCLB’s Strategic Planning Committee. Candidates will be evaluated based on their expertise and technical skills, capacity to deliver within the timeframe, cost of service, added value, such as sector-specific knowledge, and proven success with similar work.

Marie-Elyse Gauthier