Opportunity to Participate in Research

Opportunity to Participate in Demonstrating Sufficient Evidence PBLA/ELBP Research Activity

As part of the ongoing agreement to provide professional development, resources, and training to support the use of Portfolio Based Language Assessment (PBLA) and évaluation linguistique basée sur le portfolio (ELBP), CCLB will be coordinating research pilots in LINC and CLIC programs to re-examine the number of artefacts required to demonstrate sufficient evidence and assign benchmarks.

What type of activity will this be?

This research activity will provide SPOs the opportunity to participate in research to examine the number of artefacts required to demonstrate sufficient evidence and assign benchmarks in LINC and CLIC programs.

CCLB would like to receive applications from Service Providing Organizations (SPOs) who are interested in trialing an alternative number of artefacts to that currently required, as well as sites that want to demonstrate that the current number of artefacts is appropriate.

The application form offers two options:

Option A invites applicants to detail their objectives for the pilot, describe how they will determine the number of artefacts required to demonstrate sufficient evidence and assign benchmarks over a 12-to-16-week period, and how they will measure whether they have successfully achieved their objectives.

Option B allows organizations to express an interest in participating in the “guided pilot through providing artefacts to be reviewed by external assessors to demonstrate the range of artefacts that may be considered as “evidence”.

Complete the Application Form and submit to CCLB by Monday, November 28, 2022.

Applications can be made using the online form (above) or if you experience technical difficulties information can be sent to PBLA@language.ca.

You can also contact us at pbla@language.ca if you have any questions.

The research and pilot process used to collect the evidence will take into consideration new delivery modalities, such as online and blended delivery, continuous intake, multilevel classes, full-time and part-time programming, and limitations for literacy programming.

CCLB will notify all organizations that apply of the selection results. CCLB will work closely with selected organizations throughout the process to keep the number of hours invested in the research activity to a minimum.

Why invest time in this activity?

PBLA is almost ten years old, ELBP is a little younger. They have become the evaluation standards used throughout LINC and CLIC. As with any innovative methodology, it is necessary to ensure that they are accomplishing what they were designed to do as efficiently as possible. By engaging with this activity, stakeholders will ensure that PBLA and ELBP provide an accurate reflection of what is sufficient evidence of learner proficiency and assign benchmarks accordingly.

What is the intended outcome?

The intended outcome is to collect sufficient evidence to draw conclusions around an updated recommendation for the number of artefacts required to assign a benchmark in LINC and CLIC using PBLA and ELBP.

The expected result of this activity will be a report with up-to-date, evidence-based research that will be delivered to the funder.

When will this take place?  

Application Phase: Fall 2022

Research Phase: January 2023 for 12-16 weeks. Applicants who wish to start in December 2022 will also be considered.

What is the scope of the activity? 

25 English sites and 10 French sites, with a target of 535 learner participants.

Marie-Elyse Gauthier