Essential Skills Project

Essential Skills Project

Tools and Resources to Support the Use of Essential Skills and Canadian Language Benchmarks

The CCLB/CNCLC has received funding from Human Resources and Social Development Canada (HRSDC) for the following:

The project goal is to develop a series of guidebooks in order to increase the capacity of a range of stakeholders to better support immigrant clients seeking to develop their Essential Skills. The guidebooks will include an introduction to the Essential Skills and Canadian Language Benchmarks as the national framework underlying workforce related training and learning programs, providing targeted stakeholder groups with guidelines, best practices and other tools in order to better understand and serve the needs of immigrants. The CCLB is proposing to develop the following:

  • a guidebook with tips and checklists for Job Analysts who develop Essential Skills Profiles and National Occupational Standards
  • a guidebook for trainers in a variety of environments (corporate, literacy,unions, etc.) on how to incorporate Essential Skills into training plans and needs analysis, including second language literacy
  • a guidebook and resources for ESL/FSL practitioners with tips and ideas on how to build Essential Skills to a generic audience with lower level language proficiency. Tools include a Foundational Framework with a diagnostic checklist and twenty-five lesson plans for CLB 1 – 6.
  • a series of workshops for each of the guidebooks which show users how to incorporate the tips, tools and best practices expressed in the guidebooks into their work situations.

This project runs to December 2009.