Free Online Training

CCLB currently has three courses available free of charge and entirely self-directed.

To access these courses:

  • Go to
  • Create a user account
  • Confirm your account by following the steps outlined in the system message sent to your email address
  • Finalize the process by logging into the site
  • Once logged in, you will see hyperlinks to three free courses
  • Click on the desired course, enroll yourself and start!

CLB Bootcamp

Come see the new and improved CLB Boot Camp and related online training modules. First developed in 2007, CCLB has recently updated the CLB Boot Camp, CLB for Lesson Planning and Integrating Assessment module with funding from the Ministry of Citizenship & Immigration of Ontario with advisory support funded by Citizenship & Immigration Canada.

This 10 hour self-study platform allows you to familiarize yourself with the CLB’s and their role with planning and assessment. 

  • Bootcamp: which provides an introduction to the Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) including the theoretical framework, the revised CLB document and the CLB for Literacy Learners document 
  • Using the CLB for Planning: which covers module planning and daily lesson planning 
  • Using the CLB for Assessment: which deals with ongoing learner assessment as well as an introduction to PBLA

An Orientation to ESL for ALL

The Alberta Government and the Centre for Canadian Language Benchmarks (CCLB) are pleased to announce the launch of the new online self-study course An Introduction to ESL for ALL.

The course should be of particular interest to literacy instructors as well as those seeking a refresher on the ESL for ALL literacy document.

An Introduction to ESL for ALL is a 20-hour online, asynchronous training course based on Canadian Language Benchmarks: English as a Second Language for Adult Literacy Learners (ESL for ALL). This online course, developed in collaboration with Bow Valley College, will support instructors working with learners with literacy needs in a variety of classroom settings by:

  • familiarizing participants with the contents of the ESL for ALL document
  • offering suggestions on ways to use the resource to support planning for instruction
  • providing strategies, teaching tips and best practices for working with ESL literacy learners

CLB: ESL for ALL Support Kit training

This is a 4-hour online self-study training course based on the CLB: ESL for ALL Support Kit. The purpose of this training is to help seasoned and new ESL literacy instructors who teach in CLB-based ESL literacy programs become familiar with the various sections of the Support Kit and to highlight the use of different resources included in the Kit.

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