C1511 – Literacy Placement Tool Assessor Training

This online training has been adapted from the existing face-to-face content (which is aligned to the CLB 2000: ESL for Literacy Learners). The training content will be updated in the future to align fully to the new literacy document (CLB: ESL for ALL). It is approximately a 3-hour training session for assessors on how to use the Literacy Placement Tool volume 1 and 2. This session will help identify adult ESL learners who might benefit from placement into an ESL literacy class. This streamlined instrument consists of a set of reading, writing and numeracy tasks based on the competencies outlined in the Canadian Language Benchmarks 2000: ESL for Literacy Learners– Foundation and Phase 1 levels. Session activities include visual exemplars and practice assessments.

It is only accessible to approved users. Each user access costs $60 plus applicable taxes. Once your registration is complete, you will only have a 10 day window to complete the course.

To register please contact training@language.ca and provide us with a few details as to:

  • what your role is within your organization
  • for what purpose you will use this tool
  • what your target audience is
  • as well as your complete name and mailing address so that we can process your invoice

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