WLA Pre-Screening Tool for Counsellors

In recent years, Canada has received increasing numbers of internationally trained individuals. Many of these individuals have had difficulties integrating at a level commensurate with their skills, work experience, and education; language is recognized as being one of the main barriers to integration. Both the realities of the workplace and a number of research and comparative studies have shown that, in most occupations, a high intermediate level of English - generally corresponding to Canadian Language Benchmark 6/7 - is a minimum requirement when it comes to securing employment. For these reasons, most bridge to employment programs aimed at helping clients access employment in their field or other professional field require a minimum of CLB 6. For most of the professions stated earlier, bridge to employment programs often require at least a CLB 7/8 to be accepted to the program.

By using the WLA Pre-Screening Tool, you can inform other assessment or training requirements. Those clients who have difficulties when going through the WLA Pre-Screening Tool can be referred to an assessment centre for a basic language assessment and from there to ESL, LINC and other programs in their communities.