How well do you use English?

Remember that the CLB looks at tasks we do and the language we use when we do them.     

Who do you speak to every day?

- neighbours
- co-workers
- friends and family
- government people 
- your teacher
- the bus driver
- the people in the grocery store

What do you read everyday?

- the newspaper
- television guide 
- work manuals 
- street signs 
- bus schedules
- textbooks 



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What listening do you do everyday?
-  the radio 
 - television programs 
 - a teacher or trainer 
 - on the telephone
 - friends
 - people at work
What do you write every day?

- letters to friends
- e-mails
- memos or reports at work 
- notes to teachers
- lists for yourself of things to do or buy
- charts and graphs to organize or communicate  information

To see for yourself what your level might be, choose one of the levels below and click on it. You will see a checklist of the four skills listed with examples of the tasks that might be done at each level. 

A suggestion for completing your self-assessment:

  •  Decide what you think your level is and complete the checklist
  •  If you have only a few checkmarks, go back one level or continue to go back until you can almost complete the checklist
  • If you have almost everything checked off, go to the next level up and complete that list, continue to go up until you have a checklist that is missing some information

 Estimate what you think your level: Can Do Statements