For more information

Sounds of English  
site will give you opportunities to practice pronunciation. 
is a site called Dave’s ESL cafe. There is lots for learners including idioms, quizzes,  slang and forums where you can write opinions and   comments to share with other people learning English.

Immigrate to Canada 
is a Canadian Government site that has information for newcomers or individuals planning on coming to Canada.

LINC Programs In Canada 
tells you how to find LINC programs and assessment centres across the country.

ESL in Canada Directory 
This is a commercial site but it has free grammar lessons.

Information Newcomers Can Trust 
While this is an Ontario site, a lot of the information is useful in other parts of the  country.

This site has lots of information about Canada.

CBC News 
This site allows you to check the news in the country.

CBC Newsonline Special Feature: The Way We Work 
is a great site about working in Canada

Dictionary and Thesaurus - Merriam-Webster Online 
This on-line dictionary is an excellent resource not just for the meaning of a word but how it sounds. If you see this U  it means that there is a sound file. If you click on the icon U you will hear the word said correctly.

English Pronunciation 
This is a great site Canadian pronunciation.