Working in Canada

Are you planning to move to Canada to work? Are you here and looking for work? You will need to do your homework. 

To learn more about the legal requirements for working in Canada go to

This site will give you lots of information about working in Canada.

The Government of Canada’s website has organized work in a variety of ways.  The information in this section  will help you:  

  • find information about occupations you are interested in learning more about
  • find information about employment outlooks for different occupations
  • learn how jobs are classified in Canada
  • begin your job search
  • learn something about certification 

Occupations and Canadian Language Benchmarks

How are the Benchmarks related to work? Many occupations have been assigned CLB levels. For example, work has been done that is quite useful to newcomers. Aircraft Maintenance Engineers should demonstrate language proficiency at the following levels in order to be successful in employment:









What does that look like? 

 An Aircraft Maintenance Engineer may have to speak for her team in a department meeting. She will have to respond appropriately in an e-mail or note concerning a complaint or issue concerning work. She will have to listen carefully during her performance review to understand what type of feedback she is receiving. She will have to read with understanding and critical thought a variety of documents including: charts, graphs, blueprints etc.

Canada has 3 National Standards for work and job skills, and communication requirements.