Training and Education in Canada

There are many levels of education and training in Canada. If you are coming to Canada to go to school, there is research that you need to do first. If you are settled in a province, there are opportunities that you will want to research. If you are currently working in Canada, you may be offered training through your company!

In order to register for university and college courses, you will need to have your language assessed. Each school has different requirements.

If you have degrees, diplomas and certificates from other countries, you will need to have them translated and compared to Canadian standards. Each university has different requirements for the way to do this.

A useful starting point to get information about the Foreign Credential Recognition process is the Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials website. This site has information and links to information about: 

  • Foreign Credential Recognition
  • Studying and working in Canada
  • Education in Canada

To explore Canadian universities and requirements click Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada. This site represents 89 public and private universities. You can find information or links: 

  • Information and links to universities
  • Scholarships
  • News 

To explore Canadian colleges, click on Association of Canadian Community Colleges.