How is my English?

What is your level of English?

Click on student's level to learn about it. Read about the level.

Is this how you use English? This will help you learn your level.

My name is Leila.
I am Level 1.
I can say my address.
I read some words.
I write my telephone number.

My name is Dimitri.  
I am Level 2.
I can ask for help.
I fill in a simple form.
I read the amount of a bill at a store.
I am Angelique and I am from Brazil. 
I am Level 3.
I have been in Canada six months but my English is still not so good. 
I try to read the newspaper and understand some of the stories.
I call my teacher when I miss my class.

My name is Muhammad. 
I am at CLB Level 4.
I worked as a teacher back home.
I work as a barber in Canada.
I talk to customers and ask what they want. We talk about weather.