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How CLB/NCLC Is Used

Since the development of the CLB/NCLC, the standard has been used the following ways:

  • For ESL/FSL teachers - The CLB/NCLC provides clear information about what a learner knows (language competencies) and what they still need to learn
  • For Learners - The CLB/NCLC allows learners to speak to a job finder or employment counsellor about his or her competencies using a common language of understanding.
  • For Community Colleges - The CLB/NCLC provides a clear indication of the probable success of a learner prior to  registration, and the language level either for entry into a program or as an indicator of learner success in a post-secondary program.
  • For Employers and Sector Councils - The CLB/NCLC can be used to identify the language levels required to work successfully in an occupation. This data can be documented in benchmarking studies or in Occupational Language Analyses.
  • For Assessment - The CLB/NCLC forms the foundation for several CLB-based language assessment tools used in licensed Assessment Centres across Canada. For more information on assessment tools, visit the For Language Assessors section of this web site or consult the National Assessment Framework (brochure).
  • For Resource Development - The CLB/NCLC is often used as a starting point for developing curriculum, lesson plans, and other resources for newcomers to Canada who may have English or French as their second (or additional) language.

This list shows just some of the ways that the CLB/NCLC standard is utilized in Canada by various stakeholders.