National Consultation on CLB 2000 and NCLC 2006

Established in 1998, the CCLB/CNCLC is the parent organization of the Canadian Language Benchmarks/Niveaux de compétence linguistique canadiens standard. In 2008 - 2010, the CCLB/CNCLC consulted a broad spectrum of stakeholder groups to gain insight into how the CLB/NCLC should evolve to meet needs of both existing and emerging groups. The CCLB/CNCLC worked closely with provincial and federal governments who, over the years,  have participated in the development of materials and programs based on the CLB/NCLC. 

The consultation process was developed with a strong orientation toward developing a shared understanding of how the CLB/NCLC and its parent organization the CCLB can best evolve to meet current and future needs.

Key Outcomes:

A number of outcomes were defined as goals for the national consultation which flow directly from the deliverables. They included:

  • Validation of the current structure and content of the CLB 2000 and NCLC 2006. If specific changes were required to either the CLB or NCLC they would be undertaken in consultation with CIC and experts in the field once directions have been affirmed.
  • Clarity about the core services to be offered by CCLB/CNCLC;
  • Clarity about the future directions to maximize the potential of the standards; and
  • The required organizational capacity and structure to advance the intended directions.

For more information on the national consultations for CLB/NCLC, see also:

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