C1502 - Introduction to CLB and Support Kit

This 3-hour workshop introduces CLB to practitioners and assessors or program administrators and tutors who want to know more about the CLB.

The CLB Support Kit includes:

  • An Orientation to the CLB with information on how the new document differs from the CLB 2000, plus information on classroom planning and assessment using the CLB.
  • Speaking and writing exemplars (samples of performance), and reading and listening exemplars (sample texts and passages with associated tasks), representing a variety of CLB levels and contexts.
  • Additional sections on incorporating grammar, pronunciation and pragmatics into a CLB-Based Program.

Best practices and tips on the following topics: teaching in an academic context, teaching in a workplace context, teaching multilevel classes, and working with special needs learners.

For more information on this session or to obtain a quote, please contact [email protected]

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