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September 1, 2016

Portfolio Based Language Assessment

With funding from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration (MCI) Ontario, CCLB is providing support to administrators and instructors as Portfolio Based Language Assessment (PBLA) continues to expand across Canada.

The initial IRCC PBLA cohort of Lead Instructors consisting of representatives from the Atlantic region, Ontario, Saskatchewan and Alberta continues to assist classroom instructors as they implement PBLA in their own classrooms. The second and third IRCC cohorts of certified PBLA Lead Instructors with approximately 145 Lead Instructors from British Columbia, Ontario and Manitoba are also working closely with classroom instructors supporting the use of task-based planning focused PBLA. Cohort four with approximately 100 participants from Ontario, the West Coast and a few representatives from the Atlantic region, finalized their portfolio submissions and received certification over the summer months.

Fifty certified PLBA Lead Instructors from MCI Cohort A in Ontario are actively supporting classroom instructors implement PBLA. MCI Cohort B made up of 45 participants finished their final assignments and received PBLA Lead Instructor certification in June 2016.

Face-to-face PBLA planning implementation meetings for the new PBLA Lead Instructors from both MCI and IRCC will be held in September in Ontario, BC and online.   

The six-week online course “Introduction to PBLA for new Classroom Teachers” will be offered from September 26 to November 6 and from October 18 to November 27.

Final edits for selected components of Integrating CLB assessment (ICLBA) in e-book format are underway and other modules and resources are in the development phase.

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