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June 1, 2016

Assessor and Instructor Training

In Ontario, funding from the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship, Immigration and International Trade (MCIIT) continued for assessor training in CLARS centres. Delivery of CCLB’s half-day, face-to-face classroom assessment workshop, instructor training related to the CLB and Support Kit, Summative Assessment Manual (SAM), Integrating Assessment and Exit Tasks for MCIIT’s Adult Non-Credit Language Training Program in Ontario schools boards also continued. In April, sessions on the CLB and Support Kit, Integrating Assessment, SAM and Exit Tasks were held for a group of instructors in Windsor.

Outside of Ontario, CCLB was kept very busy with training requests. In March, three CLBPT refresher sessions were held over the course of two days during the Alberta symposium with a total of 35 assessors in attendance. Additional CLBPT training and calibration sessions were also held in New Brunswick, Edmonton and Vancouver, and a new CLBPT regional trainer was trained for the Atlantic region. Three CLBLPT sessions were also held, two of which were conducted using a new online format, allowing the opportunity to reach more participants.

To view a list of workshops and training that CCLB offers, please visit:

Any inquires related to training can be directed to [email protected].

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