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March 1, 2016

Assessor and Instructor Training

In Ontario, funding from the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship, Immigration and International Trade (MCIIT) continues for assessor training related to CLBPT, CLBLPT and WLA in CLARS centres; as does delivery of CCLB’s half-day, face-to-face classroom assessment workshop instructor training related to SAM, Integrating Assessment and Exit Tasks for MCIIT’s Adult Non Credit Language Training programs in Ontario schools boards. In February, an Introduction to the CLB and Support Kit session was held for 20 assessors in Scarborough, ON.  CCLB continues to work with MCIIT and sites to set up training based on the requests it receives and ways to address training needs in areas with less demand.

CCLB has also been looking into the new CLB/NCLC assessor webpages and considering what should be included, how they should look, and what needs to happen for them to be widely used.  To help with these questions, a survey was circulated in January to obtain feedback from assessors on what they would like to see with the new webpages.   Keeping it simple, current with new samples for viewing were the most common suggestions.

Outside of Ontario, CCLB continues to set up training sessions by request. A CLB-LPT session was held in Moose Jaw for 5 participants and CLBPT sessions were held in Winnipeg and Calgary resulting in a total of 9 newly trained assessors from sites including WELARC, ILVARC, NorQuest College, C.A.R.E and YMCA of Prince Albert. These 9 trainees are now completing their certification.

To view a list of workshops and training that CCLB offers, please visit:

Any inquires related to training can be directed to [email protected].

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