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December 1, 2015

Other CCLB Activities

As we look forward to celebrating the 20th anniversary of CLB and the 10th anniversary of NCLC in 2016, CCLB has been busy at conferences raising awareness of these national standards. Presentations at TESL Canada and TESL Ontario included ones on PBLA, PBLA and existing CLB tools, literacy, and future directions for CLB and NCLC. At TESL Canada, CCLB led a panel discussion with representatives of CIC and the province of Alberta on future directions for language training.

CCLB is following up these presentations by conducting a survey of stakeholders, on behalf of the Newcomer Language Advisory Body (NLAB), of usage of and need for new CLB/NCLB tools and resources as well as possible future directions for the standards. At the Canadian Network of Agencies for Regulation (CNAR) conference, Anne Senior teamed up with Karen Luker, chair of CNAR, and Andrea Strachan of Touchstone Institute to present on measuring communicative competency.

For the workplace, CCLB has revised the OLA template to reflect the revised CLB and is actively supporting Touchstone Institute in the administration and expansion of CELBAN.

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