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December 1, 2015

Portfolio-Based Language Assessment (PBLA)

With funding from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and from Ontario’s Ministry of Citizenship, Immigration and International Trade (MCIIT), CCLB continues to support multiple stakeholders as PBLA is rolled out across Canada.

A fourth cohort, consisting of Lead Instructors mainly from Ontario, but also from many other parts of the country, began in October. These Lead Instructors are training in PBLA for application in their own classrooms and eventually to support their colleagues in implementation. These Lead Instructors are working in both IRCC- and MCIIT-funded programs.

Lead Instructors from the Atlantic Region, Ontario, Saskatchewan and Alberta in the first cohort are currently supporting their colleagues with PBLA implementation in their classrooms.

The second cohort, from British Columbia and Ontario, and a third cohort are both now certified PBLA Lead Instructors and are ready to guide their colleagues in PBLA implementation. MCIIT’s first cohort has also been certified.

Ten PBLA Implementation Planning sessions for PBLA Lead Instructors, administrators and funders were held across Canada during the month of September. Two Implementation Planning sessions were held online in early October.

PBLA was also strongly represented at the TESL Canada and TESL Ontario conferences in October and November. Multiple PBLA sessions were offered at each conference, all well attended.

CCLB received the following testimonial from a learner in a PBLA class. Here are his unedited comments about the Language Companion:

“HI: my name is [name withheld]. I am a new student in Toronto ontaro. I got the a clb binder to day. i findout this book is realy emeising and helpful for all the students lerning English. i wont to say thank you to every one made this book we appreciate that.we are all thank you for your hard working.”


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