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September 1, 2015


Funding from the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship, Immigration and International Trade (MCIIT) continues until December 2015 for assessor training related to CLBPT, CLBLPT and WLA. During the summer months, CCLB issued certificates for those who attended WLA training in the spring. We also maintained contact with CLARS centres regarding training needs. We are currently looking at the possibility of holding a CLBPT training session in September. 

MCIIT also continues to fund delivery of CCLB’s half-day, face-to-face classroom assessment workshops. This instructor training is related to SAM, Integrating Assessment and Exit Tasks and continues until December 2015. CCLB connected with MCIIT’s Adult Non-Credit Language Training programs in Ontario schools boards, inquiring about upcoming training needs for their instructors while maintaining a list of requests and looking at ways to address training needs of instructors in areas with less demand.

Outside of Ontario, CCLB continued regular communication with sites across the country regarding training needs, with one CLBPT session being held in Winnipeg in August. With the help of a new Training Coordinator, the CCLB workshops and training section found on our website was updated with detailed information and is now more user-friendly. The list of workshops and training that CCLB offers can be found here:

Any inquires related to training can be directed to [email protected].

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