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March 3, 2015

Post TESL Certificate Training (PTCT) - Classroom-Based Planning and Assessment Incorporating the CLB 10-week online course

In April 2015 CCLB will offer Classroom-Based Planning and Assessment Incorporating the CLB on our e-learning site. This course is designed for ESL teachers who want to increase their classroom planning and assessment skills in programs using the CLB. Ten participants completed the course in December and another ten are set to complete at the end of March. It is only one of the courses offered by TESL Ontario as part of the PTCT program. This TESL Ontario program offers ESL instructors an opportunity to further their knowledge and skills in specialized content areas. As of 2015, supply instructors in LINC, ELT and OSLT programs are also eligible for reimbursement; for further information go to

CCLB’s 10-week online course consists of a three-part assignment designed to pilot a module plan and two assessment tasks, customized to the participant’s classroom context. The course also provides a strong foundation for those preparing to use Portfolio-Based Language Assessment (PBLA). The course is open to any teacher who meets the pre-requisites for entry, with priority given to instructors from Ontario. Participants are required to have a TESL Certificate or TESL Ontario Accreditation, experience with the CLB, and 200 to 300 hours of teaching experience at a government institution is recommended. Due to the nature of the course, participants either need to have their own classroom or access to learners in order to pilot assignment assessment tasks. Previous participants have advised they spend approximately 10 hours a week on assignments, online posts and readings. It is a graded course and 70% is required for successful completion.

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