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February 3, 2015

CLBPT - Remote Testing

The CLBPT remote project is moving forward. CCLB/CNCLC has been involved in delivering CLB/NCLC-based assessments for placement purposes for many years. With an identified need to be able to deliver assessments remotely becoming a priority, funding from Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) is allowing CCLB to build on a previous remote assessment pilot project from 2012 and implement a new pilot project to deliver the CLBPT/BTC remotely. CCLB received funding from CIC to develop and field-test a model for online assessments using the CLBPT. The approach may be used to assess clients in some remote areas. CCLB is in the process of finalizing the online components of the test and has been working to find a few assessment sites across Canada having the need to conduct remote assessments. Typically, these sites offer itinerant assessments in remote areas, at considerable cost. CCLB is collaborating on this pilot with these assessment centres to help identify the proctors needed at the remote location. Trial assessments using the remote model developed will begin in January.

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