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February 3, 2015

WLA Pre-Screener

The WLA Pre-Screening Tool is a thirty-minute tool that supports decisions made by counselors on pathways for Internationally Trained Individuals (ITIs). Its development was funded by MCI (now MCIIT) to support counselors in Ontario who need to determine whether their clients are ready for pathways requiring levels of English higher than Canadian Language Benchmark 6. The tool is based on the Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB)/les niveaux de compétence linguistique canadiens (NCLC) national standards of English/French as a second language for adults for living, working and studying in Canada.

CCLB is pleased to announce a training project to assist Employment Ontario counselors in working with newcomer clients. The project is funded by the Government of Ontario and will offer a one-day training session that teaches counselors how to use the WLA Pre-Screener Tool, builds knowledge of the CLB/NCLC themselves, and provides information on pathways and resources to inform dialogue with clients.

 This training will be offered to employment counselors during 2015 and CCLB will soon connect with sites across Ontario to determine training needs. Up to eight hundred employment counselors will be trained in the WLA Pre-Screener.

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