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May 30, 2014

CCLB Policy Work

National Training Framework – CCLB was asked by Citizenship & Immigration Canada to begin a document that might lead to a more formalized National Training Framework for Language Training offered by the federal and provincial governments. Anne Senior (Special Consultant to CCLB), Elissa Beaulieu (NCLC Program Manager) and Marianne Kayed (Senior Program and Partnerships Manager) produced a draft that has been submitted to CIC for further consideration and feedback from NLAB and various stakeholder groups.

Regulated Professions and Language Testing – In May, CCLB staff coordinated with Citizenship & Immigration Canada (CIC) staff to arrange for a teleconference and a survey with smaller regulatory bodies to find out how they deal with language requirements for bridging programs and for professional licensure, how they use CLB/NCLC and what their needs are in relation to language testing. The feedback from the survey and the teleconference will inform CIC of where language decisions are required for licensure, how decisions are made around language testing and what the current state of affairs is with various professions.

“Factors that support the successful integration and the retention of internationally educated nurses (IENs) into the Canadian healthcare systems” Project Advisory Committee – CCLB staff participated in one teleconference as part of this two-year research project which is looking at various factors that support access, integration and continuing to work for IENs in the profession.

CAPLA QA Project Advisory Committee – CCLB staff participates on the multi-partner advisory for the Canadian Association of Prior Learning and Assessment (CAPLA)’s Ensuring Quality Assessment Practices Through Training and Collaboration, a Pan-Canadian Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Quality Assurance Project. The latest meeting was in March. CCLB is one of approximately twenty national, international and sectoral organizations participating.

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