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May 30, 2014

Training on the CLB and CLB Support Kit

With funding from the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship & Immigration (MCI), CCLB wrapped up the training for Ontario ESL instructors on the revised CLB and CLB Support Kit in March 2014. This meant that by March 31st:

  • A total of 152 Lead Trainers, 778 instructors in ESL programs at school boards, and 83 end users trained at TESL conferences were trained on the CLB and CLB Support Kit      
  • Overall 1,013 ESL instructors have been trained
  • 47 training sessions were given

The training was based on a three-tier Train-the-Trainer model where CCLB-designated Master Trainers trained the Lead Teachers, who in turn were expected to train teachers at their organizations. CCLB was able to track training results in the National Training database at the Lead Teacher and organizational level and issue appropriate certificates.

Feedback has been very positive from both Lead Trainers and classroom teachers on both the revised CLB and the CLB Support Kit. The CLB Support Kit and exemplars (audio, multimedia and written) are available on

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