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February 28, 2014

PBLA Training and Support 

December was a busy month on the PBLA project when Service Provider Organizations (SPOs) were identified by CIC as part of the first cohort of lead teacher training. The plan is to continue a phased-in approach to introduce PBLA to various SPOs over the three years of the project. Also in December, CCLB hosted a meeting for the Project Leads, Joanne Pettis and Tara Holmes, and the PBLA Regional Coaches in Ottawa. This meeting was an opportunity for CCLB, Project Leads, and Regional Coaches to come face-to-face and prepare for the winter 2014 Lead Teacher training initiative. The three-day orientations allowed for finalizing the Lead Trainer course content that had been field-tested by the regional coaches. In early January, the 10-week online course for the PBLA Lead Teachers was launched on the CCLB e-learning site.  120 Lead Teachers from Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario and the Atlantic region are currently midway through the online course portion of the Lead Teacher training. Lead Teachers are meeting face-to-face or online with their Regional Coach in the last week of February. The face-to-face meetings are scheduled for Calgary, Saskatoon, London and Ontario, while the online meetings will be hosted in The mid-course meeting provides an opportunity for Lead Teachers to get support, feedback, and clarification on the topics they have covered to date in the online course. If you have any questions about PBLA training and support, please contact Rana Ashkar at [email protected].

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