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February 28, 2014

Revision of the CLB 2000: ESL for Literacy Learners

Funded by the Government of Manitoba, CCLB and a pan-Canadian team of writers and experts have been working on a draft revision of the Literacy document. The team of writers from across the country, led by Linda Johansson, have done an excellent job at creating content and an expert group consisting of Gail Stewart, Christine Pinsent-Johnson, Andrea Strachan and Anne Senior have offered valuable advice and support to the team. CCLB hopes to provide the field with a document that meets the varied needs of ESL Literacy learners, ESL literacy practitioners, service provider organizations, and federal/provincial government departments across the country.

CCLB would like to thank the members of the Content Advisory Group (a team consisting of federal and provincial government representatives, LINC/ESL program managers, and ESL literacy and Essential Skills experts) for their continued support and guidance.

For more information, please contact Marianne Kayed at [email protected].

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