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February 28, 2014

Curriculum Guidelines for Adult Non-Credit Language Training Program

The interactive website for the Curriculum Guidelines is a major project. It aims to support ESL and FSL instructors in their course planning and to ensure a better alignment between language training and the CLB.

The last few weeks have been busy: users’ validation of the interactive course outline builder, working session with FSL experts, working session with the TCDSB team and the multimedia firm Soshal, review of existing documents, creation of new content, etc. The feedback obtained during the user tests and the discussions between the stakeholders involved in the project will lead to some changes. These changes will be put in place in order to improve the process. Ergonomics and content relevance are at the heart of the concerns of all stakeholders. They want to create a tool that truly meets the needs of users.

In the coming weeks, the teams (CCLB, TCDSB and Soshal) will work together to consolidate the builders (unit outline builder, lesson plan builder, assessment plan builder).

This project is financed by the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration of Ontario.

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