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February 28, 2014

Regional Training on the CLBPT

CLBPT training and calibration in Ontario

CCLB continues to work with both the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration (MCI) and Coordinated Language Assessment and Referral System (CLARS) centres in Ontario regarding needs for CLBPT assessors. In January 2014, four additional assessors were trained on the CLBPT tool. CCLB will continue to work with MCI and CLARS centres regarding future needs related to CLBPT training, calibration and the Workplace Language Assessment (WLA) tool.

As part of the work to prepare assessors for CLARS implementation, CCLB is also working to revise, update and in some cases, harmonize CLBPT administration documentation and processes to reflect the changing world of language assessment. More details will be shared in coming months.

CLBPT training and calibration in other regions

In most regions in Canada, CLBPT training and support activities are now on a fee-for-service basis. This means that assessor training and professional development are now scheduled on as needed bases. Charging a fee for delivery of CLBPT training and support allows assessors a consistent level of service delivery to support their use of the placement test.

In Manitoba, funding has been made possible for CLBPT training and calibration until March 31st. One CLBPT training session was held in January 2014 for seven new assessors who are now in process of completing their certification requirements. An additional CLBPT session and two calibration sessions (for up to 24 assessors) are being scheduled for March 2014.  CCLB will be working with individual assessment centres to transfer licenses from the province to each centre in coming months.

In Saskatchewan, the 13 assessors who were trained on the CLBPT in the fall have now all completed their certifications. As part of the changes to language delivery in Saskatchewan, CCLB will be working with the province to ensure the transfer of CLBPT licenses to individual centres is as smooth as possible.

A new research pilot with Correctional Services Canada in Kingston (ON) is underway, using the CLBPT with immigrants who are federally incarcerated to help determine their ability to participate in training programs offered by Correctional Services Canada. Assessments are taking place over a three-month period and the project is monitored by CCLB.

Sites interested in setting up fee-for-service CLBPT training or calibration sessions are welcome to contact Rana Ashkar at [email protected].

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