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December 1, 2013

PBLA Training and Support

Fall has been a busy time preparing for the PBLA project. CCLB recruited PBLA Regional Coaches who have a proven expertise in CLB, TESL and mentoring, to support the PBLA initiative. The first step in their role has been to familiarize themselves with the online e-learning course. Regional Coaches have been field-testing the course since October by providing valuable insight and reflection throughout weekly topics. They will be given a three-day orientation in early December to prepare to coach Lead Teachers this January. As a second step in the implementation, CCLB has informed Service Provider Organizations identified for the first cohort on the PBLA implementation timeline. CCLB Project Leads Joanne Pettis and Tara Holmes developed and are delivering webinars to help administrators to implement the PBLA initiative. Service Provider Organizations and CIC representatives were invited to participate in the webinars on Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions about PBLA training and support.

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