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December 1, 2013


CLBPT in Ontario
With the introduction of CLARS (Coordinated Language Assessment and Referral System), CCLB has been working with both the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration (MCI) and assessment centres in Ontario regarding needs for CLBPT assessors in Ontario over the next year. In an effort to meet these needs, November proved to be a busy month for CCLB and its MCI-funded projects as the Ontario LINC Assessor’s Conference held on November 28-29 in Toronto delivered 3 training sessions: a CLBPT Training Session for 9 CLBA certified assessors; two Literacy Placement Tool (LPT) training sessions for assessors; and two CLBPT refresher sessions for those already trained on the CLBPT. The conference resulted in close to 60 assessors taking part in these CCLB sessions. Furthermore, discussions with The Centre for Education and Training resulted in a streamlined training system for future CLBA and CLBPT assessors within CLARS centres in Ontario; as well, CCLB provided each CLARS site with its translated document “Understanding your CLBPT results” in ten different languages. CCLB will continue to work with MCI and CLARS centres regarding future needs related to CLBPT training, calibration and the Workplace Language Assessment (WLA) tool.

CLBPT in other regions
In the fall, CCLB continued to review, verify and update its National Registry of CLBPT Assessors by connecting with assessment sites across Canada. It also saw fee-for-service sessions continue to be set up. In September, CCLB began the process to license 8 new sites in Saskatchewan to provide CLBPT training to 13 new assessors. A session was also held in Alberta in October which had 2 assessors from Yellowknife and 3 assessors from Alberta trained on CLBPT. These 18 assessors are now in their certification process which should be completed by the end of December. As funding has been made possible for this training in Manitoba, CCLB is also currently in the process of working with the province to determine training needs with an anticipated training session to be held in January 2014.

CIC’s National Placement and Progression Guidelines, which will come into effect across Canada in January 2014, were also released and can be found on our website. These guidelines are being sent to all assessment centres across Canada. Finally, Rana Ashkar moved into the Project Manager role for the CLBPT training sessions. Sites interested in setting up fee-for-service CLBPT training or calibration sessions in the winter are welcome to contact Rana Ashkar at [email protected].

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