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September 1, 2013

PBLA Training and Support

With funding from Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), CCLB  has started setting up the first phase of a  three-year project intended to introduce Portfolio-Based Language Assessment (PBLA) as a standard feature of LINC and, eventually, CLIC programming.  The project will build on the insights and effective strategies of the recent model of training and support field-tested with PBLA Lead Teachers in Ottawa, Edmonton and New Brunswick. Project Leads on this project are Tara Holmes and Joanne Pettis, who initiated and launched the PBLA pilots with CIC and the Ministry of Citizenship & Immigration (MCI) of Ontario. They will be Lead Coaches and provide oversight of the day-to-day implementation with CCLB staff. The model being used for the national implementation is a three-tiered wedding cake model of training, mentoring and support:  (1) CCLB Regional Coaches will be trained, mentored and supported on PBLA to prepare and hone their skill sets; (2) They will train, mentor and support  a number of Lead Teachers from Service Provider Organizations;  (3)  Lead Teachers  will then train, mentor and  support Classroom Teachers within their program. CCLB is working with CIC to coordinate a phased-in rollout of PBLA in most parts of Canada by 2016.

Currently, CCLB is in the process of selecting the group of Regional Coaches that have CLB expertise  and experience in teaching and mentoring, and who replied to a national call for applications. CCLB is pleased to be able to work with CIC to help foster a community of practice for portfolio-based assessments and to provide teachers delivering ESL/EAL with new tools and processes that are of great benefit to learners and to teachers.


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