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September 1, 2013


Due to recent changes in federal government policy, in most parts of Canada CLBPT assessor training and calibration are now offered as fee-for-service activity. Two provinces are providing funds for training this year: Manitoba and Ontario. In recent months, with Ontario’s Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration (MCI), CCLB held one CLBPT training session in Toronto. Fee-for-service sessions were requested and are being set up in BC and Saskatchewan.  The summer months also provided CCLB with the opportunity to review, verify and update its National Registry of CLBPT Assessors by connecting with assessment sites across Canada.  This update provided CCLB the opportunity to connect with sites regarding their needs for assessor calibration. With the introduction of CLARS (Coordinated Language Assessment and Referral System), CCLB is working with MCI regarding needs for calibration of CLBPT assessors in Ontario over the next year.  Once CLARS has been implemented, dates for calibration sessions will be set. Sites interested in setting up fee-for-service CLBPT training or calibration sessions in the fall are welcome to contact Krista Walsh-Murray at [email protected].  

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