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March 11, 2013

Regional Training on the CLBPT

With funding from Citizenship and Immigration Canada and Ontario’s Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration, training sessions for LINC assessors on the Canadian Language Benchmark Placement Test (CLBPT) are being organized across Canada and conducted by our national team of regional trainers. The CLBPT is used in assessment centres throughout Canada to assess the language levels of ESL clients for the purpose of placement into publicly funded language training programs across the country.

CLBPT Regional Trainers
CCLB would like to offer a warm welcome to two new CLBPT regional trainers. In late December 2012, Biljana Tratnik (Alberta) and Debra Schweyer (Manitoba) completed their training and have already begun offering CLBPT training to assessors in their province.

In addition to training regional trainers and CLBPT assessors, CCLB has also re-developed the “Understanding your CLBPT results” flyer. This flyer, which is currently available in English at (under Assessment/CLBPT), has  been translated into the following languages: Chinese, Spanish, Filipino/Tagalog, Tamil, Urdu, Arabic, Persian/Farsi, Russian, Punjabi and Korean. These new flyers will be distributed to assessment centres in Ontario, with funding from Ontario’s Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration.

TESL Ontario Conference 2013: CLB Training Sessions
CCLB with funding from the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration, Ontario, successfully presented 17 CLB sessions, reaching approximately 225 ESL teachers, at the TESL Ontario Conference in 2012. This year, CCLB will present another series of CLB workshops at the 2013 TESL Ontario Conference in Toronto. These professional development sessions are a great way to share CLB resources with MCI-funded program teachers from across the province. As in 2012, ESL teachers will have the option of registering for an additional three new CLB training sessions at the TESL Ontario 2013 Conference. These additional training sessions will be developed under this project to provide further skills sharpening.

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