CLB: ESL for ALL Support Kit

ISBN: 978-1-897100-70-7

e-version ISBN: 978-1-897100-71-4

The CLB: ESL for ALL Support Kit supports instructors working with learners with literacy needs in CLB-referenced classrooms. It includes:

  • Orientations to the CLB: ESL for ALL and the CLB: ESL for Adults documents
  • Information and examples for planning literacy instruction, including needs assessment and goal-setting; module/unit planning and lesson planning;
  • Information and examples on assessing ESL Literacy learners’ progress in a way that is compatible with Portfolio-based Language Assessment (PBLA);
  • Suggestions for supporting ESL Literacy learners in multi-level literacy classes and mainstream ESL classes;
  • Ideas for using the Continuum of Literacy Skills in the CLB: ESL for ALL document;
  • Sample resources for literacy instruction and assessment.
  • Reading and Writing exemplars and lesson plans samples for Foundation L to CLB 4L
  • Instructional videos

*This publication is only available online, files found on the accompanying DVD can be found under the "Literacy" tab of our website

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