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Portfolio-Based Language Assessment (PBLA): Guide for Teachers and Programs


Portfolio-Based Language Assessment (PBLA) is referenced to the Canadian Language Benchmarks and is the authorized language assessment protocol for language programs funded by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).

Portfolio-Based Language Assessment (PBLA): Guide for Teachers and Programs is intended to assist teachers and administrators to implement PBLA effectively. The guide provides an overview of the theoretical foundations, principles, and assessment strategies that are fundamental to PBLA. It outlines conditions for successful implementation, describes the essential features of PBLA, and provides teachers with examples of techniques and activities that can be used to integrate portfolio-based language assessment into adult ESL instruction. The guide also includes suggestions for using the Language Companion, a binder supplied to students to help them learn English and settle in Canada.

In addition, the guide provides support and direction to program administrators responsible for the implementation of PBLA. It is recommended that program administrators implementing PBLA follow the protocols and procedures outlined in this guide.

*This publication is not offered in printed format.

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