Integrating CLB Assessment into your ESL Classroom


ISBN 978-1-897100-03-5

e-version ISBN 978-1-897100-59-2

This publication addresses what adult ESL teachers describe as their greatest challenge - assessment. This package is to help teachers develop CLB-related assessment practices that are an integral part of the teaching and learning activities in their classrooms. The focus of the package is the assessment that teachers do with their learners on a day-to-day basis and takes the approach that assessment should address the needs and interests of learners.

While classroom-based assessment is intended to determine whether learners have achieved targeted CLB outcomes, it should also provide ongoing feedback to learners about how they are doing, what they need to work on, and help the teacher plan appropriate learning activities.

The package presents teachers with a planning framework and support materials to help integrate formative assessment into their classroom practice. The package is divided into three parts:

Part 1. Becoming Familiar with Assessment Practices
Part 11. Looking at Assessment in Four Adult ESL Classrooms
Part 111. Planning for Assessment in Your ESL Classroom

The DVD that is part of the package includes learner speaking samples from the classrooms that are examined in Part 11 and PDF files for the CLB Task Description Sheets.

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