Literacy Placement Tool (LPT) - Volume 1


(ISBN 978-1-897100-04-2)

The Canadian Language Benchmarks Literacy Placement Tool - Volume 1 is a standardized assessment tool to help place learners on the national literacy benchmark scale. 

The LPT is based on the Foundation and Phase I levels of the Canadian Language Benchmarks 2000:  ESL For Literacy Learners

Developed for and by ESL assessors and literacy practitioners, the LPT complements other CLB assessment tools for appropriate placement into ESL Literacy programs. 

The LPT:

  • contains 10 reading, writing and numeracy tasks
  • scores on an easy to use LPT scoring log
  • provides standardized instructions for consistent, fair assessments
  • facilitates placement into ESL literacy programs
  • provides a checklist of reading, writing and numeracy skills
  • helps plan more targeted literacy training.


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